Customer Review – Snuzpod

We asked one of our customers if she would be interested in giving us some feedback on the Snuzpod (by Little Green Sheep) that she purchased from us recently. We were really pleased when the following review was emailed through…

Snuzpod by Little Green Sheep - product review
The Snuzpod is absolutely brilliant, I wouldn’t have anything else. With my 3 year old I had a Moses Basket which he grew out of pretty quickly, he never liked it and I ended up co-sleeping just to get any sleep I could so when it came to choosing something for baby number 2, a co-sleeping crib was the only option.

I chose the Snuzpod for a few different reasons. I preferred the fact that it had the soft sides but feels very sturdy and has the option to have your baby so close. It’s perfect for either breast or bottle feeding as once you’ve finished feeding it’s easy to put your baby back in the crib without having to move around too much and disturb them. My daughter sleeps a million times better than my son ever did.

The only fault I had for the crib when I first had it was I felt it needed storage for nappies, wipes, bottles etc. Since purchasing my crib Snuzpod have brought out a pocket for the end of the crib to store those items in so now it’s perfect!

My daughter is 7 weeks and is a relatively long baby, I can see her staying in the Snuzpod for a few more months and would highly recommend it to expectant mothers.

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