Customer Review – Egg Stroller & Kiddy Car Seat

One of our customers offered to write a review of her experience with the Egg stroller and Kiddy car seat that she bought from us recently, which was very kind and here is what she made of her new travel system…

Egg stroller review
We decided to purchase the egg stroller after seeing it at The Baby Show. We were really drawn to the simplicity and ease of folding it away. The sturdy yet stylish design was also a big factor. We decided to purchase the carrycot attachment and the stroller seat as we were keen to put our little one in the carrycot for the first few months.

egg-stroller-pushchair-reviewThe carrycot was brilliant for our newborn and very cosy which was key. Our daughter has used the carrycot for 4 months however is now starting to use the seat more as she is keen to look around and sit up. We have since bought the Egg baby nest which I highly recommend to put inside the seat to keep your little one nice and cosy! The material is so soft and our daughter absolutely loves it, awake or asleep!

The egg stroller is perfect for both towns and the country and is used frequently along the canal and in the woods, it has no problems with the different terrain and muddy areas.

We also purchased the car seat adaptors for the egg stroller in order to be able to attach our KIDDY car seat if needed. We got the lie-flat KIDDY car seat as we wanted to be able to lie our daughter down on long journeys or if we were to need to keep her in the car seat when quickly popping to the shops. We have found the lie-flat factor brilliant especially when she falls asleep in it and we do not want to disturb her, we simply click it into the lie-flat position and attach it to the pushchair while we do shopping and other things.

The car seat’s only fault is the handle folds right back when in lie-flat position and therefore it is hard to carry or move once she is lying flat.

Overall I would highly recommend both the egg stroller and the kiddy car seat especially when bought together!!

So it is a big thumbs up for both products! You can find out more about the Egg stroller and our  range of from-birth KIDDY car seats on our main website. 

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