UK Child Booster Seat Laws – The Facts

In December this year car seat laws are changing in regard to group 2/3 booster seats. So what are the current laws? What will the new laws be and why are they changing?

The Current Laws
Currently the law states that your child must stay in a child car seat until they have reached 135cm or twelve years old (whichever comes first). The weight limit is from 15kg – 35kg

The New Laws
Children must use a high back booster seat until they are over 125cm and more than 22kg. The new laws are due to take effect in December this year.

backless booster seatWhy Change The Laws
Backless booster seats simply will not protect your child in the event of a crash. As a company Groovystyle have not sold backless boosters for around 10 years as we knew even though they were legal they are not safe.

Currently a child who is 15 kilos can legally use a backless booster seat. This can be as young as 3 years old. We would never recommend using a backless booster for such a young child.

high back booster seatHigh back boosters are suitable to 1.5 meters so there is no need to either buy a backless one or indeed take the back off. To give you an example my son was 1.35cm at eight years old so legally he didn’t need a booster seat anymore however I kept him in his booster seat until 10 years old when he outgrew his seat as he was over 1.5 meters.

Do I Need To Go Out & Buy A New Car Seat?
The law has not changed yet and if you have a backless booster seat you won’t need to do anything until the new law comes into force in December. However if you want to keep your child as safe as possible and meet the new upcoming regulations it is worth considering purchasing a high back booster. Prices range from around £40.00 up to around £200.

Click here to visit our website and see a video showing a crash test with a high back booster and one without the back on.

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