Do You Really Need a Changing Bag?

At Groovystyle Baby Equipment we are often asked “Do we really need a changing bag?”. In short we think the answer is yes!

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t just use an old handbag or a rucksack but having a specifically designed bag for all your baby essentials does really help. Brands like Pacapod have made it super easy for parents to organise themselves by creating a 3 in 1 pod system. The pods can be detached and strapped onto your stroller or removed once the child is older but initially they offer a simple but effective layout to the bag which allows you to easily organise everything you need with minimal effort.

When choosing a changing bag there are a few things to look for.

  • A washable or wipe clean changing mat – Having a changing mat in your bag means you have the flexibility of changing your baby anywhere but equally can make those hard plastic public changing tables a little more comfortable.
  • Lots of pockets – Separating items will make them easier to find. Designating a pocket for nappy cream, clothes, snacks ect will make it much easier to grab when you’re in a rush.
  • Stroller clips – These aren’t essentially but really handy! Naturally parents tend to hang their changing bag off their stroller and it can often slip off. Stroller clips will prevent this and keep your changing bag secure. These are relatively inexpensive but it’s nice to have one less thing to buy.
  • Insulated bottle holder – If you’re planning on bottle feeding then an insulated bottle holder is a must have to keep your bottles warm whilst on the go.

Recently we have seen more parents purchasing rucksack style changing bags. These are great if you are using a baby carrier or even as your child gets older and you don’t have a stroller to hang the changing bag from. Having a rucksack style changing bag leaves your hands free to do other things but still give you all the functionality of a normal changing bag.

If you’re interested in a rucksack changing bag then we would recommend looking at:

Storksak Backpack Storksak Backpack

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Skip Hop FormaSkip Hop Forma Backpack

Pacapod PicosPacapod Picos backpack

Pacapod HastingsPacapod Hastings

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