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How to Choose the Right Cot Mattress for Your Baby

We believe a cot mattress is one of the most important purchases for parents, after all if our little ones can sleep safely that little bit longer, then so can we!

For more than half the day, typically 16 to 17 hours, newborns will spend their time sleeping. So it is only right that you take time choosing the right cot mattress that will provide a sleeping environment that you can trust to look after your little one and help them have sweet dreams.

Safer Sleep with Slumberland

With almost 70 years’ worth of experience in British bed manufacturing there’s no surprise that Slumberland’s debut Slumbertime Cot Mattress Collection is loved by parents across the country.

Winning the ‘Best Safety Product’ award by the Baby Products Association for their Slumbertime Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress gives Slumberland that extra accreditation and confidence for you that your precious little one will be sleeping on the safest product.

What to look for in a new cot mattress?

With a number of different types of cot mattress on the market and a rising concern for the use of harmful chemicals during manufacturing, choosing the best cot mattress for your little one can be overwhelming.

Slumberland have made it easy for parents, developing a collection of just two cot mattresses; the Slumbertime Classic Sprung Mattress and Slumbertime Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress, available in standard cot mattress (120 x 60cm) and cot bed mattress (140 x 70cm) sizes.

Manufactured here in the UK to the highest safest and quality standards, every single material used in the Slumbertime Cot Mattress Collection has been given great consideration to provide peace of mind to parents.

The soft sleeping surface is free from all Fire Retardant chemicals because they’ve used a naturally Fire Retardant fibre. This allows for the sleeping surface to be free from all antinomy, phosphorus and arsenic chemicals – the safest way for your little one to sleep.

The chemical free surface also benefits from a 100% natural anti-allergy Actipro treatment. This provides your little one with a dust mite free environment to help prevent the harmful build-up of allergens which are known to aggravate childhood allergies such as Asthma and Eczema.

Furthermore the sleeping surface is conveniently removable and washable at 60⁰c, so there’s no need to worry about any nappy leaks or milk spills!

It is also important for you to choose a breathable cot mattress because newborns are not capable of regulating their body temperature. The Slumbertime Cot Mattresses have been designed with breathability in mind, allowing for the free flow of air important in keeping your little one cool whilst they sleep in order to prevent overheating.

Different mattress cores

Generally, cot mattresses are firm to provide support for your baby, but their cores can include a variety of different fillings – just like adult mattresses.

The Slumbertime Classic Sprung mattress features breathable baby-safe fibre and open coil springs offering excellent comfort and support for babies throughout their development years.

The Slumbertime Luxury Pocket Sprung mattress features breathable baby-safe fibre and pocket springs; responsive springs encased in individual pockets providing more targeted comfort and support which will contour to the baby’s individual body shape to ensure correct alignment of their head and spine.

Both cores in the Slumbertime Cot Mattress Collection have been designed with to be protected from inevitable accidents with a waterproof and conveniently wipeable PVC cover – a feature parents certainly welcome!

What’s more the Slumbertime Cot Mattress Collection, which has been designed to keep your little one safe from newborn until the age of 5 years old, comes with a 2 year Guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

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